10 best selling digital product on the internet

A digital product is content that is created and shared in digital format. It provides information on a particular topic, communicates news or gives tips and advice.

Top selling digital product online

Thus, this type of product can address a variety of topics. The biggest advantage is that it can be sold worldwide through a website. To illustrate this, here are the top 10 best-selling digital products on the internet today.

1- E-books

The best selling digital products on the internet are e-books. The success of e-books can be explained by the technological revolution of mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets. With the digitisation of books, a library now fits in your pocket.

The sale of ebooks is an excellent way to start an online business as an infopreneur. This is evidenced by the multitude of platforms and sites selling ebooks.

You don’t have to be a novelist to create and sell an ebook. Tutorials, training and guides are particularly popular: the internet is a great source of information for self-education.

2- Music and audio products

The Internet has revolutionised the music industry, particularly in terms of accessibility and availability. Not surprisingly, music and audio files are among the most popular digital products sold on the Internet. Buying music from specialist online platforms from anywhere is now commonplace.

If you have musical talent, it is possible to sell your creations online, either from your own website or from a dedicated platform. In addition to the traditional music sold by artists, background music, sound effects and sound effects are all ways to earn money by selling digital products.

3- Tutorials

Many people are looking to train or learn new things every day, or are simply looking for ways to do a simple task.

This is where tutorials come in. These can range from simple DIY tutorials to complex software (Photoshop, inDesign, Excel, …).

Another advantage of tutorials is the diversity of media they allow. You can choose to sell an ebook, videos, audio files or sell access to the content of different sections of your website in the form of a subscription.

4- Training and coaching

More complex than simple tutorials, creating and selling training courses requires expertise in your chosen field:

  • accounting, law
  • marketing,
  • entrepreneurship,
  • well being, personal development, music, …

The growth of the coaching market is a clear reflection of the interest that Internet users have in training. If you have expertise in a field, creating and selling training courses is an excellent way to monetise your skills and experience.

5- Software

Selling software is a business of choice in the digital age. Computer tools are currently the most popular digital products sold on the Internet. You will have no trouble finding customers, as long as you offer software that meets a real need.

Many entrepreneurs have achieved success by selling their software as a subscription. This is particularly true of SaaS software and various web apps. If you intend to create and sell software, selling by subscription is the best choice you can make.

6- Images, photos and graphics

Visual elements play a crucial role in the content of a website. So much so that images, photos and visual creations are regularly requested on the web. Not only website owners, but also companies are regularly looking for visuals to illustrate and enhance their website or marketing campaigns.

Selling your photos online is a great way to make money on the internet. If you are a photography enthusiast, photographer or graphic designer, you can monetise your work and creations by selling them online. This can be done via image banks, social networks such as Instagram, and even from your own website.

7- Travel and experiences

The tourism sector can also be the subject of digital file sales. Every year, millions of people visit different travel websites to find their next destination.

In particular, monetising a travel blog is becoming increasingly common. Many bloggers monetise their travel experiences through their blog and website. Why not seize this opportunity as well?

In addition to your blog content, you can sell how-to guides on the various destinations you have already visited. You can also set up a subscription system for members of your site to have access to exclusive content.

8- Design plans

Many people are looking for inspiration to create their dream home or simply to design their garden and outdoor space. And this even before contacting an architect. Why not help them?

Creating a website with paid content to monetize simple plans created by you is an interesting idea to earn money from the internet. If you are an architect, coupling this activity to your profession will allow you to better monetize your expertise, but also to attract new customers more easily.

9- The kitchen

Cooking is not only a profession. It is also a hobby and even a passion for some people. If you are a chef or even a simple cooking enthusiast, selling recipes that you have created and tested yourself is a good way to monetise your cooking skills.

There are several alternatives for this. You can choose to sell an ebook, sell the various contents of your website by subscription, … and why not launch your own e-commerce boxes based on your recipes.

10- Sewing

If you are interested in or passionate about sewing, you have probably already looked for patterns and tutorials to make your own clothes, household linens, decorative items, trimmings, knitting, …

If you have a passion or a talent for sewing, selling tutorials, patterns, … online will allow you to make money in addition to your main job. To sell your digital files, all you need is a website and/or accounts on social networks like Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook.

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