How to get motivated to clean

Get motivated to clean in 7 simple steps

Of all the chores out there, cleaning is by far the most dreaded. Generally, there are two options: take action and get it over with, or leave it for later.

While it’s easier to get things done overnight, giving in to temptation can backfire. After a while, you find yourself at an impasse.

How to get motivated to clean

Your morale is low, you’re at the end of your rope, and nothing can motivate you to clean? Having experienced this situation, here are 7 tips from one to overcome the invincible force of inertia of the couch.

Don’t procrastinate on cleaning

The first mistake to avoid is to give in to the procrastination game. Once you start down this path, you are sure to descend into darkness.

For example, as long as you put off doing the laundry, the pile of laundry will keep growing. Similarly, the sink cannot hold all the kitchen utensils forever. If you let everything pile up, you may even forget about important tasks.

At some point, you find yourself recycling approximately one plate or struggling with one spare shirt. Say stop to the massacre!

It only takes 5 minutes after the meal to clear the dishes. If it takes less than 5 minutes to do something, you might as well do it on the spot.

Set the mood: music, games and rewards

To motivate yourself to do the housework, you must first create a jovial atmosphere. This means overcoming the mental barrier that assumes it’s a repetitive obligation with no basis in fact. After all, we can enjoy cleaning, can’t we?

First step, put some music on in the background. With wireless headphones, it’s even more convenient. It’s easier to do spring cleaning while swaying to your favorite songs. You can check out Bulletproof Motivation : How to tap into your motivation

Since you’ve already decided to clean, why not have some fun? We can set ourselves micro-tasks, blow bubbles with soap or simulate a sports workout.

Finally, after the effort, the reward! In order to develop good old Pavlovian conditioning, we must celebrate the end of the nightmare.

Getting a good rest, watching a movie or eating a good chocolate dessert will help to mark the dopamine peak.

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