Love & Other Disasters: A Delicious Romance Novel by Anita Kelly

Love & Other Disasters: A Delicious Romance Novel by Anita Kelly

Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly is a delectable culinary romance novel featuring two contestants on a cooking competition show who find love amidst their personal struggles.

Follow Dahlia and London as they discover the secret ingredients to a sumptuous happy ending.

Love & Other Disasters: A Delicious Romance Novel by Anita Kelly

Many believe that writing a romance novel is a simple task. You introduce two good-looking and charismatic characters, they have obstacles that prevent them from falling in love, they still manage to fall in love, and then they overcome difficulties to live happily ever after. Sounds easy, right? However, knowing all the components of the recipe does not guarantee creating a perfect dish.

Just like in cooking, the secret lies in the sauce. What is the secret sauce for writing a perfectly delectable romance novel? I am not certain, but I do know that Anita Kelly has discovered it in Love & Other Disasters, her culinary whirlwind of a love story.

The novel begins with Dahlia Woodson, a rebel without a cause, who found solace in cooking after a tumultuous marriage and years of aimlessly drifting. Dahlia discovered a passion for creating perfectly flavored soups and exquisitely crafted pasta. She then landed a spot as one of the 13 contestants on “Chef’s Special,” a cooking competition show, which took her all the way to Los Angeles.

Anita Kelly shares the secret to their storytelling sauce.

The show also features London Parker, the first non-binary contestant, who is driven and focused. While Dahlia is spontaneous, London is structured. While Dahlia is delightfully chaotic, London is intricately precise.

Although Dahlia and London are both lonely, they complement each other like sweet and salty. Dahlia has someone she can trust in London, who cherishes her in a way no one ever has. In turn, Dahlia opens up London’s world.

Coming out has not been easy for London, especially with the world watching on television. Dahlia’s open acceptance and affection assist London in truly accepting themselves in every aspect.

Love & Other Disasters is a scrumptious concoction of a story; it is savory, succulent, and a little salty in places, thanks to the presence of certain difficult personalities.

The characters, from our heroes to the other contestants and show crew, are vivid and genuine in their virtues and flaws. Despite the intricate and unexpected plot, the central romance is sweet from the outset.

London and Dahlia find love together in a charming and genuinely touching way. Falling in love with them as they fall for each other is simple, and it is also easy to support them all the way to their luxurious happy ending.

The only downside to this book is that after devouring the entire thing, it will leave you wanting more.

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