Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera : Test, opinion on the smart indoor camera

Today, we invite you to discover the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera, the only smart indoor camera that recognizes faces and gives you access to all its features without any subscription fees.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera: Presentation

We continue our overview of Netatmo products with the Smart Indoor Camera, which will prove to be a great ally when you are away from home. Indeed, the advantage of owning this smart camera is to receive real-time notifications on his smartphone in case of intrusion in his home.

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera comes with a 16 Gb microSD

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera comes with a 16 Gb microSD

Another point that I love with this model is that it does not require a subscription to record its videos, which is rare enough to be reported.

In fact, you can either choose to use the microSD card included with the device, or send the images to your Dropbox or personal FTP.

Let’s also add that this type of equipment is very useful to monitor your children or your pets when you leave them alone at home, which should reassure many people. In short, I love the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera!

Simple to use, the Netatmo camera

Just like the carbon monoxide detector, the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera is extremely easy to install. In fact, all you have to do is plug it in, download the Netatmo Surveillance app on your smartphone and follow the instructions.

By the way, speaking of the CO detector, let’s point out that the camera is capable of hearing alarms and sending notifications in case of danger. But let’s get back to the point and talk about the facial recognition system of the camera which is quite impressive.

In practice, we receive a notification each time it detects a person, which may seem quite redundant. But don’t panic because it is possible to flag familiar faces so as not to be assailed by alerts and not to fill up your storage space too quickly. It is also possible to ignore alerts related to pets. Not bad!

Opinion Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

This is the first time I’ve received a camera that doesn’t require a subscription to access all its features and frankly, I have to admit that this is a strong argument in favor of the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera.

I would recommend it to anyone with 200 euros to invest in a surveillance camera. Especially since it is also equipped with a facial recognition system really convincing, a panoramic field of vision and excellent infrared night vision.

However, I would have liked to have an image quality higher than 1080p because it is not always easy to identify intruders who are far from the camera, but for its price and all the other features it offers, I will not be picky. In short, I would say that you can go with your eyes closed.

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