The Art of Styling Your Wall Art: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Wall art is an quintessential component of indoors design, including character and allure to your space. But, striking wall artwork can be a challenge, particularly if you’re new to it.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Home with Stunning Wall Art

To assist you get it right, we’ve got compiled a listing of the most frequent errors human beings make when styling their partitions with art.

5 Wall Art Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Ignoring the Space – Make positive your wall artwork enhances the colors, textures, and environment of the room. Size is key, pick out a piece that matches the room and furniture.

Selecting the Wrong Height

The core of your paintings have to be at eye level, about 60 inches off the ground. If placing over furniture, preserve the backside of the artwork between 12-25 centimeters from the top.

Lacking Variety

Don’t use the equal kind of artwork in each and every room, combine it up with unique styles, sizes, and colors.

Improper Tools

Use the proper equipment for your wall and the weight of the artwork. For example, wall anchors for drywall, wooden screws for timber walls, and lead wall plugs for brick or concrete. Use a stage to make sure it is straight.


Give your partitions some respiratory room, too tons wall artwork can make the room experience cluttered and overwhelming. Consider growing a gallery wall to show off more than one portions tastefully.


Wall artwork is a reflection of your fashion and personality, so make certain you love what you dangle on your walls. Now that you recognize what to avoid, it is time to discover the best portions to convey your area to life!

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