The best digital planner to get organised in 2023
The best digital planner to get organised in 2023

The best digital planner to get organised in 2023

Every new year we want to adopt new resolutions, habits and intentions. The advice I can give you to implement all your plans and goals: adopt the best digital planner to get organised in 2023!


Why get organised with a digital planner?

I could simply tell you to adopt a (paper) planner or diary, but a digital planner has some little extras that will change the game of organization and motivation in the long run.

For starters, a digital planner is a digital version (in PDF format) of a paper planner. You can use a digital planner with a note-taking app on an iPad or Android tablet using a compatible stylus. Remember that as a PDF file, digital planners are compatible with any device/application that allows you to import and annotate PDF files.

PiiMedia Planner is a digital stationery store, which means that we create diaries, notebooks, journals like a traditional stationery store, but in digital format. I recommend that you visit our shop to discover all our products. You can also visit the About page to learn more about the product style and brand concept.

Here is what a planner can do for you:

  • The goal is for you to be able to be completely intentional about your time management.
  • Have all your personal and professional notes, tasks and goals planned out with an overview in monthly, weekly and daily pages.
  • Help you manage your errands, finances, goals, household tasks, work tasks all in one place.
  • Be more creative and productive, take notes as you go and keep track of all your ideas and activities.
  • A planner or diary is above all a companion and personal coach that helps you to remove mental overload and achieve your goals.

So why a digital planner?

I wrote an article exclusively dedicated to this question and you can read it here: the 9 main advantages of adopting a digital planner.

But to answer the question from an organizational perspective, I can tell you that a digital planner is a tool that goes everywhere with you. No more scattered note sheets or numerous diaries all over the place (one at work, another at home, in the car, etc.). You can have everything in one place, in your iPad or tablet.

And above all, with a digital planner the possibilities are endless!

Finally, a digital planner is there to accompany and guide you throughout the year. The only thing you need is to keep it. The secret to keeping an agenda all year round, week after week, is to choose the best digital planner to get organised in 2023.

Using a digital planner on a daily basis helps me to efficiently plan my work week and various personal tasks.

How to use a digital planner?

The first thing you need to know before you start using a digital planner (PDF file) is that you should be well equipped with a tablet, a pen and software to annotate PDF files.

I get a lot of questions about the compatibility of a digital planner with all possible tablets. I don’t know every tablet on the market, but I do know my product.

How to use a digital planner

The answer is the same, no matter what device you have: what you need to know is that a digital planner is simply a PDF file. So for you to use it on your tablet, you just need to check that your tablet can download and annotate PDF files.

  • My advice before buying a digital product is to test and get familiar with a note-taking application.
  • I have shared my app recommendations in another article, I suggest you read and find out more about these apps.
  • You will find several options and it is a very personal choice, as well as depending on your device and budget.

Tip: most of the apps are quite intuitive, but if you want to go further I suggest you search for YouTube videos. This is the fastest way to learn how to use an application. Then it’s practice, try things out for yourself.

Once you feel confident with your tablet and an app, choosing a planner is easy. But I assure you, getting started is much easier than you think, the most important thing is to take the first step.

For my part, my favourite app is GoodNotes 5. I wrote an article to show you all the possibilities of this app for digital planning: GoodNotes features for top planning.

Which digital planner should you choose to organise your professional and personal life in 2023?

To make it easier for you, I’ve created the perfect 2023 digital planner to meet all your personal and professional organization needs and to boost your productivity week after week.

The new 2023 Digital Planner is complete so you can plan your monthly events, your week and detail your days.

To add an extra layer of productivity, personal development and wellness, this digital planner has extra organization pages. You’ll really have everything in one place, whether it’s your shopping lists, workout diary, personal finances or recipes.

All the extra pages are designed so you can duplicate them as needed (that’s the magic of a digital planner, no limits). I’ll tell you more about the extra organizational pages below.

Which digital planner should you choose to organise your professional and personal life in 2023

How to use the different planning pages of the 2023 digital planner?

The 2023 Digital Planner is a digital agenda designed in two sections:

  • The planning part contains monthly, weekly and daily planning pages as well as a 2023 year calendar.
  • The organization part with an index to the additional monthly, work life and personal life organization pages.

In the planning section you have dates from January to December 2023. The great advantage of a dated digital planner is that you stay more accountable and disciplined. You will also have many more hyperlinks to access the various pages of the planner.

All pages are easily accessible via hyperlinks: tabs (right side) and menus (top right corner) on all pages.

Planning 2023


The annual calendar gives you an overview of the year 2023. From this page you can quickly access the weeks and days with one click (you should be in reading mode to click on the hyperlinks).

The tabs on the right of all pages allow quick access to the calendar for each month, which also has hyperlinks for quick access. Here you can make a few quick notes or mark important dates.


To start your planning, you have a monthly planning page for each month that allows you to add notes.

This page is the starting point for your organization , you should start by mapping out all your main events for the month. This is where you’ll get an overview of everything that’s going on in the month. Take the opportunity to write down a few things to remember on a professional and personal level.


To take your planning a step further, you have the weekly pages. These help you prepare your week and your main weekly tasks. In the Planner 2023, you will find 3 templates of pages per week:

  • Weekly planning: in this page you have an overview of your week and your tasks and you can write your main focus of the week. You will also have a calendar of the current month which will help you to access the daily pages even faster.
  • Weekly schedule: in this page you will find the space to put your events and activities in a time schedule. This page gives you an overview of your schedule. You also have a space to describe your morning and evening routines. Routines help you to take care of your personal well-being and to start or end your day with activities that you enjoy.
  • Weekly diary: this page is here to help you work on your creativity and mental overload. It’s up to you how you use it, for example: write a short paragraph about your day to clear your head, add a picture that represents your day. This is the space to add anything that will help you keep the memories of your week.


The daily pages are there to go into more detail and to serve as a guide through your day. I have designed the daily pages so that you can think about all the essential aspects of your day. The daily pages serve to focus on your to-do list and your well-being. In each daily page you have a small space to write down :

  • The focus of the day
  • Your gratitude for the day
  • Your daily schedule
  • A list of tasks for your professional life
  • ¬†list of personal life tasks
  • Physical or wellness activity of the day
  • Meals of the day (morning, noon, afternoon, evening)
  • Your mood of the day
  • A space to record your day

All these points are there to help you be aware of your activities day after day. The 2023 Digital Planner is also a life coach. You stay on top of every aspect of your life.

Detail: the 2023 Digital Planner comes with digital stickers to help you personalize your agenda and set your mood for the day. I recommend you read the article: How to import and use digital stickers with a digital planner.

Tips for using various pages in your digital planner

I think it’s worth mentioning that the 2023 Digital Planner has everything you need to fulfill your organizational needs, but you don’t have to use all the pages. You can choose the pages and templates that suit your organization best.

Some people prefer monthly and daily pages, others weekly pages, others schedule pages and so on. The most important thing is that you find your own rhythm of work and organization.

You can drag and drop pages, duplicate pages or delete pages, it will not affect the hyperlinks throughout your diary.

However, I recommend that you always keep an original copy of the file, in case you want to go back. Also, only rearrange the extra pages, as the planner pages have been organized to be as easy to use as possible.

Generally speaking, I always prefer to keep all the pages, even if I don’t use them, as this will not prevent me from being practical with the planner.

What are the other page templates in the organization part of the 2023 planner?

As I mentioned, in addition to the traditional planner pages, the 2023 Digital Planner has several organization pages. This is to give you a little extra help in managing the various aspects of your life.

This part of your diary has been composed of three main topics: monthly organization, professional life and personal life. Each topic has 4 sections.

  • Monthly organisation: here you will find pages dedicated to organising your monthly goals, finances, thoughts and notes.
  • Work Life: Here you’ll find sample pages to help you organize your projects, clients, meetings and content creation.
  • Personal life: templates designed to keep track of your travels, reading, recipes and sports activities. This is the wellness side that will help you with your life balance in 2023.

Tip: Use the planning pages according to your real needs. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t cook and you don’t want to use the recipe section of your planner. The most important thing is to get to know your planner and choose the page templates that best suit your lifestyle.

However, I strongly recommend that you make certain sections part of your routine to get the most out of your 2023 diary and create a great year. This is the case for example with the Monthly Goals and Monthly Reflections section.

Monthly organisation


In this section, you will find an index that links to a page for each month, a page of Objectives by category and a page of Annual Overview. This section is the perfect place to detail your objectives for each month. Here you can define which category you want to invest your time in that month.

Define your vision and goals in all aspects of your life in the category goals page. In 2023, don’t leave anything out, think about your personal, professional, intellectual, financial, love, leisure, home, social and health (physical and emotional) growth.

This page also includes a daily habit tracker.

Monthly Goals PageMonthly Goals


In this section, track your personal finances, your money in and out to get an overview of your financial goals month by month. You have an index to the monthly pages and an annual page. You can keep track of your monthly income, expenses, debts, recurring bills, budget by category and monthly results.


The Reflections section helps you hold yourself accountable to your plans and goals for 2023. This is the space to help you ask yourself the right questions and keep track of your successes.


The Lists/Notes section allows you to have an extra space to write little reminders, shopping lists and any other lists or ideas for the month. Here, much like all the pages in your digital planner, you can duplicate the page as needed.

Professional life


In the Projects section, you have an index that links to a page for each project. Write down all your professional intentions for 2023.

What are your professional plans for 2023? Launch a book, create your professional website, join a professional order, create your first e-learning course, take an e-learning course, launch your business, write blog posts, etc.

Whatever you have in mind for 2023, you have a space in your diary to identify the goals, tasks and phases of your project. The aim here is to give you the support to take action. Plan and organise each stage of your project.


Organise and record all relevant information about your clients in the context of your work. Obviously, you use this section if it is relevant to the work.


Here you have a single page with a template for your Meetings notes. You can duplicate this template page as much as you like. Each time you have a new meeting, duplicate the meetings page to put your new notes.


If your work includes creating content for social networks, blogs, videos, this section will help you organise your ideas and creations.

In the Content Creation section, you have two page templates: a page to detail your publication and a weekly publication schedule page.

Duplicate the template page each time you want to plan your creations and make your weekly schedule.

Personal life


The Travel page template helps you plan and record basic travel information to keep on hand when needed. You can also prepare pre-trip to-do lists, places to visit and your checklist so you don’t forget anything.


This section consists of a library page where you can put a picture of all your current books and podcasts and a notes page. From the library, access the notes page to write down what you would like to remember from your reading and listening.


The Recipes section works in the same way as the Book & Podcast section, you will find an index page with your recipe library as well as pages to detail your recipes (ingredients, preparation, photos, etc.).


The last section of your 2023 diary is a training diary. On this page you can plan your sports activities, strength training and action plan. Duplicate this page if necessary.

What are the steps to get started with your new 2023 planner?

Start with the following steps:

  1. Choose your favourite cover page (this planner has 12 cover pages to choose from, you just need to drag your favourite page to the top of the file in an app like GoodNotes).
  2. Take time to explore each section and page of your planner.
  3. Decide which sections are most relevant to your lifestyle.
  4. Start by writing down all the important events and dates of the year in the monthly calendars (you can also underline the dates in the annual calendar).
  5. Go to the Goals section to fill in the 2023 Goals page by category.
  6. Then focus on the month of January. Go to the organisation index to go through the sections: Objectives and Finances for January.
  7. Do you have any professional plans at the beginning of the year? Write them down in the Projects section.
  8. Do you have clients? Update your client files in the Clients section.
  9. Do you want to take up sport in 2023? Prepare your training diary and recipes.
  10. Starting a new book in January? Add it to your library.
  11. Finally, plan your first week.
  12. And you’re ready to go on January 1, 2023.

Now you’re ready for 2023! As you go along, you’ll get deeper into your diary and use other parts such as the annual finances, goal overview, lists, etc.

Tips for using a digital planner regularly

You’ve chosen the best digital planner to organise yourself in 2023, and now you just have to use it regularly.

You have prepared your 2023 digital planner for the beginning of the year by following the steps in the previous point?

The next thing to do is to make sure you refer to your digital planner regularly.

Personally, I have made a habit of checking my planner 3 times a day. Obviously, you can find your own rhythm, but this is my recommendation.

In the morning: I always start by checking my agenda, my schedule and my weekly to-do list. Then I write the daily page. In the daily pages of the Digital Planner 2023, you can also start the day by writing your focus for the day and a gratitude. Then set your tasks and schedules for the day. Also make time for your physical activity or wellness moment.

Early afternoon: After your meal, before you return to work, take a few minutes to check that you are following your plan for the day. Check off the tasks you have completed.

In the evening: check off the tasks you completed in the afternoon. Reflect on your mood and state of mind throughout the day. Finally, give a mark to your day. Do you have any tasks that you couldn’t finish? Put them into the next day. Plan a few things for your next day in the evening to start the next day on the right foot.

Don’t forget to write down (digitally) all the things that clutter your brain. This little trick will help you to unwind and rest. You can use the weekly journal page.

The key to success with anything in life is consistency and discipline.

The conclusion: the best digital planner for getting organised in 2023

The PiiMedia Planner 2023 is a great digital planner! And probably the best digital planner to get organized in 2023. So I hope this article gives you a good overview of the possibilities of this planner and that it helps you to get motivated and stay productive.

I also hope that 2023 will be a successful year for you and that this digital planner will be part of your journey, accompanying you day after day.

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