The importance of the eBook in your content marketing strategy
The importance of the eBook in your content marketing strategy

The importance of the eBook in your content marketing strategy

Are you looking to turn your readers into customers? When it comes to content marketing, the eBook is an ideal tool to stand out, show your expertise and convince your prospects.

More practical than a classic book, more interactive, the eBook has everything to please.

Let’s take a closer look at this tool that could become an integral part of your web marketing strategy.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a book published and distributed in digital format. The name “eBook” comes from the contraction of the English word “electronic book”, also known in France under other names:

  • Livre électronique
  • Digital book
  • White paper

The eBook is a digital file that contains text, but also images, links, and sometimes even videos, sound files or 3D animations. The creation of all this digital content is relatively easy, using free or paid software (e.g. Adobe software).

eBook publications can be books, magazines, newspapers, user manuals, how-to guides or manuals, etc. made available on social networks, a website or a blog.

The digital document is offered for reading in .pdf or .epub format. It is intended to be read on a computer, tablet, smartphone or e-reader. On the web, there are also distribution platforms that allow the user to browse through an eBook almost as one would read a book in real life.

Advantages of the eBook

First of all, the eBook is a simple and inexpensive way of distributing a considerable amount of material. Consulting the content is different from that of a book in paper format: more practical and interactive, the eBook surpasses its paper counterpart in many respects.

Used for promotional purposes (e.g. product catalogue) or to provide paid content with real added value, the digital book can be a real asset for your e-business.

Recently, it has become possible to integrate sound, videos and 3D animations into your e-Book. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless and the eBook can become an integral part of your web marketing strategy.

The eBook for the reader-user

From the user’s point of view, consulting digital content has many advantages: reading an eBook is convenient, comfortable and interactive.

Viewing information is made easier by digital tools: it is now possible to read in the dark, with one hand, without having to turn the pages…

The eBook saves a lot of space and weight compared to a physical book. It presents content that can now be taken anywhere: on a smartphone in particular, it can be carried easily and consulted at any time by the reader, accompanying him or her in his or her daily life and meeting each of his or her needs.

Considerable content is easily accessible and available for reading. Compared to a traditional book, the interactivity of the medium truly changes the relationship with the user.

The eBook for professionals

For associations, companies and institutions, the eBook is a low-cost solution for disseminating information. The content shared can be very numerous, there are no limits. The digital book can be produced quickly, thanks to numerous design software.

In the field of web marketing, the digital book offers many possibilities. It can be used for communication (magazine), information (explanatory leaflet), promotion (product catalogue)…

For this reason, it is now increasingly used in the content marketing strategy of professionals in many fields of activity.

Finally, digital books and white papers highlight the digitalization of the professionals who use them, highlighting their ability to adapt to a constantly changing digital world.

Disadvantages of the eBook

Although it is sometimes more practical than a book or paper catalogue, the e-book is not very pleasant to read on a conventional screen.

Furthermore, it is not possible to browse through a paid-for eBook before buying it, which may discourage a number of potential customers. For those of you who would like to start selling eBooks, make sure you describe them carefully to reassure your prospects.

As far as copyright is concerned, protection against piracy is a problem and adding DRM is not a miracle solution. Copying a work is still easy and may discourage some authors.

Different ways of reading

The way in which the information contained in an eBook is handled varies greatly depending on the media. Digital reading is different on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. On a conventional computer screen, for example, reading is sometimes less fluid than on a phone. Some content is better suited to one medium than another.

The purchase of eBooks is sometimes discouraged

As far as paid content is concerned, even if things are tending to change, the user cannot often leaf through a book before buying it. This, together with the fact that they are not holding the book in their hands, can be a deterrent to purchase.

eBooks often copied

Online, even eBooks that are subject to a fee or prior registration can be copied without much difficulty. The issue of rights and protection of documents against piracy is still a problem, which can sometimes discourage authors from starting a white paper project.

The importance of the white paper in your marketing strategy

The digital book as a content marketing tool

As a true content marketing tool, the eBook is essential to serve your objectives. It will help your company, association or institution to develop its communication, carry out promotional actions, acquire prospects and transform them into customers.

To sell, your digital book can take several forms

  • Product catalogue
  • Presentation folders
  • Technical data sheets
  • Practical guides
  • Instructions and user manuals

By offering a free or paid digital book to your audience, you will increase your visibility and awareness among your audience. By offering your readers content that is adapted to their needs, you will make them want to use your products or services and generate sales.

The digital book does not oblige the prospect or customer to finish reading it. Thus, the eBook offers the possibility of subtly bringing prospects and customers to you, as opposed to the advertising approach which would directly go after them “the hard way”.

As you can see, the digital book is a real asset for your e-business. Take it into account in your web marketing strategy and design your first white paper now!

The right eBook for your strategy

The digital book that will benefit the development of your business is an eBook with real added value. At the heart of your strategy, content marketing is always a reflection of your business. Never forget that!

To create the perfect eBook, remember that you will need to offer your audience relevant content that is adapted to their needs and that meets their expectations. Write your content correctly and professionally. Avoid spelling and syntax mistakes, and present your texts, images and media correctly to optimize the user experience.

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